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December 10, 2007


 kaiya Fehl

the chicks are sooooo cute!


I'm a little shocked that your hens don't like tomatoes. I had a rhode island red for six years, and she dearly loved tomatoes to the point I had to build a hen run to keep her out of my garden or else she would peck my tomato plants to pieces. Maybe this is a cochin thing.


We are thinking og getting some white cochin hens this spring, and were wondering if they lay many eggs. We have a grey cochin that we love.


I have girls also. I give them lots of apples and I have the same problem. When the apples start they like them but after several weeks they look at me like another apple. What apples again???? My girls really like red foods. They don't get many tomatoes.


I love your huevos Cynthia! You treat these hens like royalty! I hope you can get your hands on a mute rooster!


I have a Partridge Cochin hen (red-brown) and a black Cochin rooster, both Bantams. I just got the rooster, so I'm looking forward to seeing chicks next spring!

I also have two Bantam Silkies (one black, one white) and 13 Bantam Sebrights (9 silver and 4 gold). I would recommend any of them to Annette -- even my 6 roosters are not aggressive, and they're so pretty!

Lonna Jordan

Your chickens are beautiful. I lost my last two chickens on mother's day of this year because of a terrible accident. I was very sad for days. We decided not to get any more at this time because we were wanting to travel. Our chickens loved tomatoes, but they didn't get them very often. They also loved romaine lettuce and blueberries. I am beginning to feel the need for a few more chickens.


I love your chickens Cynthia! I am eagerly looking forward to owning 2 or 4 hens this year in San Jose. I would love your advice on the breed of chickens that would do well in a small yard, plus children friendly. Would you recommend Bantams?

Love Apple Farm

Nate: All the girls pretty much get a long well, they were all raised together as tiny chicks. From the start, though, they spar to figure out who is the alpha. Then the alpha hen has to continue to exert her authority over the others. The low girl on the totem pole does get picked on (or "pecked on" in this case) from time to time. If we had a rooster, then he would be top dog, and the alpha hen could relax quite a bit. I love roosters, they are amazing creatures; my neighbors just don't like them as much as I do!


She's a beautiful chicken. Do they all get along well? Have you seen them establish a "pecking order"?

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