Love Apple Farms: Farm Animal of the Week: Dali the Pot-Bellied Pig

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I have a pig that looks just like her. She is so adorable. My Henry we got when he was 3 weeks old. He is the most loving laid back little boy. He is so sweet. He will be 3 yrs old on dec 25. He is my baby the kids like to say I love him more. My nickname for him is chunky monkey.


I think she is adorable, though she is overwirght.. Pot Belly's are always on a fine line it is hard to know when you crossed it. I had to stop feeding mine all together since he was eating all our grass and the fruit and walnuts falling from our trees. He still is a little overwieght. But he loves belly rubs and knows how to sit... It's to bad you don't get to enjoy that with yours.. But if she's anything like mine she brings a smile to your face just to see her..

Cigar Ratings

My dad had a pot bellied pig growing up and he absolutely adores them. They are supposed to be awesome pets! I would love to have one but I don't have the room currently.. Maybe one day!


can i check him out

Kelly Jackson

She's beautiful!

Pastor John

The buche is not the jowl. Check it out ------>

John Fischer

What a lovely piggie! As a trained cook and restaurant professional (and now, teacher at the Culinary Institute of America), I must admit a sneaking desire for Cochinita Pibil of Dali--I will control this urge.

So, 'buche' sounds awfully close to 'bouche,' the French word for 'mouth,' as in 'amuse bouche,' that tempting first bite of food served in many restaurants. So, that's a big bouche that Dali's got there.

Lastly, considering Dali's shape, I am immediately reminded of the melting watches in her namesake's most famous painting. If you ever decide to dress Dali up for Halloween, I think you might have a theme there.



Love Apple Farm

Denise: I think it's the way they are raised. If you start handling them as babies, then they become like pets. George Clooney had a pot-bellied pig as a pet in his house for many years (or so I've heard).


Gosh, Cynthia, I have cows, goats, geese, but I don't know much about pigs. I've been told that some can be quite vicious. Do you think this is breed specific? Or how they're raised?


Dewey Sandberg

WOW! Cynthia, I love your website. Fun to read and fun to explore. You have certainly created something great here -- all built around growing good things to eat.

I'm talking about growing vegetables to eat, NOT Dali!

Keep it up!

Your cousin, Dewey


What a sweet and cool looking pig! She looks like she got lots of personality, pity she doesn't let you "cuddle". I can imagine how cute she must have been at 10 inches.


Uhm... but those burgers at McD aren't made out of pork meat?


she is cute, and I was thinking her name pronunciation right. Must be due to the current lesson we are on in the girls' art.

Love Apple Farm

Manny, you would never do that!


I love Dali! I should go over there and bring her a succulent cheeseburger. And yes, buche would be that tasty looking jowl… Sometimes I just want to wrap Dali in a giant tortilla and eat her:)
I hope everything is going great at the farm!


I think she is cute and it's great to think of her living her piggy life in happiness at Love Apple Farm!

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